About Canang

This is not chiropractic therapy nor massage.

It is the ultimate form of relaxation you feel with the five senses.

Canang is the first somatic spa in Japan.

Somatic refers to the pursuit of “mind-body unity”, which works from the body to the mind.

Canang has been passed down since ancient times on Bali island, the island of the gods.

It focuses on “hand healing treatment”.

Our therapist “Seira”, who has been referred to as having “the hands of god” by the local healers known as Balians as well, will bring true relaxation to your tired body and mind.

“Restoring balance through by connecting the body, mind, and diet”

This is what we call the health triangle at Canang.

Health Triangle

To arrange for this health triangle at this spa, we prepare a spa to loosen your body, counseling to heal your mind, and diet to reset your cells, especially for you.

At this private salon, which is like a hideaway, you can relax and enjoy this ultimate moment where you can restore your original shine and self-healing powers.

About Canang


聖良 | Seira

After graduating from university, she studied the anatomy of racehorses at the NMIT National school in Australia, graduating in 2012. She acquired an international stabler qualification.

Additionally, on a personal level, she also learned methods of horse massage and rider stretching techniques in Australia. By “scanning” with her hand, she can naturally learn the areas of humans and animals that are tired, and care for those areas.

To learn more deeply, she studied animal therapy in the UK in 2015, learning animal communication and horse whisper. She acquired a level 2 qualification as a pet care adviser. She studied massage in Bali, in 2019, to become proficient in relaxation technology, and acquired a government accredited qualification in Balinese massage techniques.

While staying in Bali, she provided healing care for the “Balians” who cure the diseases of the local people, and increased the technical level of her original scans and care techniques before returning to Japan. She is particularly good at sensing energy with fragrances and colors.

Before opening the salon, she had experience of providing total advice on health and mental aspects to business owners in a variety of industries.

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Special course

For the initial diagnosis, we not only ask about diet and exercise, but we also spend time with the customer quantifying in numbers the internal state of your body, including your physical age, muscular status, and visceral fat and the like, and understanding the state of your health.We also offer a unique “just for me” menu for each customer, after analysis of the properties that cannot be quantified and mental aspects, such as the five essence diagnosis, which merges the theory of Ying and Yang and the five elements of “fire, water, wood, metal, earth” and Ayurveda, and the mental condition.

*This course is available by recommendation only

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